From Kiel into the world
EDUR is characterized by more performance. More competence in centrifugal pumps: Self priming centrifugal pumps, transport of liquid-gas mixtures. More energy efficiency: EDUR pumps meet the targets of the Blue Competence initiative by the German Engineering Association VDMA. More customer service: Award for medium-sized businesses "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2007. More product innovation: Process Innovation Award 2009.

EDUR has the experience, the design engineers, the manufacturing know-how and the worldwide service to provide all this added performance. As an owner-operated company we are more flexible with regard to special requirements and we can provide more direct advice.

Our range includes various centrifugal pump types in staged sizes and material versions. As a manufacturer of special pumps we supply pump solutions which are adapted exactly to the application at hand - EDUR application customization. For contaminated, clean and problematic liquids and liquid-gas mixtures. German engineering and fabrication – each pump is individually performance tested and receives an inspection record. All this for a more reliable investment.

Advantages of EDUR pumps:
  • Open impellers without axial thrust ensure long service life even under critical operating conditions
  • Diffuser systems optimise the pump hydraulics and compensate for radial shaft forces
  • Low flow velocity and optimized flow routes ensure high levels of efficiency
  • Ability to transport gas contents increases process reliability
  • Low NPSH values up to 0.5 m provide support for cavitation-critical applications
  • Pump hydraulics and shaft sealing systems adapted to the requirements also allow transport in vacuum
  • Numerous material and sealing variants
  • Condition monitoring through an optional sensor system maximizes pump availability – worldwide
  • Long service life and high energy efficiency even under extreme operating conditions
  • Final acceptance after individual inspection - test report

Product overview. - This page provides an overview of the different series in our product range. Of course our application engineers and project engineers are available to provide additional information.

Industry-Bloc PDF max.350 m3/h, 55 m, 10 bar
Industrie Bloc (PDF-Dokument)
Inline-Bloc PDF max.220 m3/h, 55 m, 10 bar
Inline-Bloc (PDF-Dokument).
Stainless-Bloc PDF max.240 m3/h, 95 m, 10 bar
Torque-Flow-Bloc PDF max.400 m3/h, 55 m, 10 bar
Multistage PDF max.600 m3/h, 600 m, 64 bar
Self priming PDF max.300 m3/h, 160 m, 16 bar
Multiphase PDF max.150 m3/h, 250 m, 40 bar
Liquid-Ring Vacuum PDF max.600 m3/h, 33 mbar
Liquid Gas PDF max.340 m3/h, 400 m, 40 bar
Immersed PDF
max.350 m3/h, 50 m, 10 bar
Seals, materials PDF
Dichtungen, Werkstoffe, Antriebe(PDF-Dokument)

Cooling and refrigeration
The right cold-stable equipment for low temperatures
Transporting cold liquids in cooling and refrigeration systems places high requirements on the pump used. For reliable, constantly high pump performance the pump has to be designed accordingly, dimensioned specifically for the application and fitted with special equipment for the low temperatures.

Typical examples for the application are central refrigeration systems in the food industry, cooling of industrial processes and air conditioning systems. Other fields of application are cooling of emergency power generators, simplified execution of civil engineering and mining projects using ground freezing and operation of winter sports facilities.

For the pumped media such as cooling brine or glycol the higher viscosity has to be taken into account according to composition. Air conditioning technology, e.g. air cleaning systems, requires the transport of cold water or demineralized water. This means that grey cast iron is required as a material for cold water and bronze and stainless steel for demi-water and a stable transport capacity when air is added.

For particularly low temperatures of up to -50°C, EDUR pumps are equipped with special low temperature resistant materials. A magnetic coupling has proven to provide reliable protection against icing of the shaft sealing.

High energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important pump feature. That is why EDUR pumps are built specifically for their future tasks and equipped with particularly energy efficient motors with high efficiency. The application-specific design of each EDUR pump will use only as much power as the transport task absolutely requires. When the overall costs of an EDUR pump are considered across its lifetime, the result is an attractively low cost balance.

EDUR offer a customized transport solution for virtually any application in the professional sector of cooling and refrigeration. Please ask one of our product consultants.


Energy applications – economical energy consumption
Different temperatures, varying media – and always the demand for reliability, long service life and efficiency. EDUR additionally offer the principle of application-specific pump design.


EDUR pumps are used for a variety of tasks in the energy industry: For pumping hot water, in boiler systems, for the recovery of condensates (water), for the delivery of liquid gas and water-glycol mixtures in solar technology, for condensing the steam in steam turbines and engines, for heating pipelines and in processing stations for natural gas extraction.

Other examples are heating of fuel storage depots, heavy oil and bitumen chambers. Our pumps can also be found on stationary and mobile platforms of the crude oil extraction and processing industry. A specific example for the use of the EDUR pump type LBM is the extraction of biodiesel in one of the largest biodiesel refineries in Europe with a capacity of 150,000 dpa.

The strain caused by high temperatures and corrosive media is only one side of the requirements for modern pump solutions. Another side are the increasingly ambitious requirements for economical and energy efficiency of technologically advanced torque-flow pumps. EDUR therefore supply each pump especially designed for its future application. In combination with highly efficient motors this allows the pumps to reach optimum energy efficiency. As a member of the Blue Competence initiative, a sustainability initiative by the German Engineering Association VDMA, EDUR are at the head of this development.

EDUR supply best possible transport solutions for many pump applications in the energy industry. Please ask one of our product consultants.

Industrial engineering

Reliable and highly efficient delivery of any form of water
Reliably delivering liquids in different states for various tasks with high efficiency – technical, economical and energy saving. EDUR have held a leading position in this field over decades.
Clean or contaminated fluids or fluids containing particles are the media most commonly transported by modern torque-flow pumps in the industry. Examples are cooling water, fire extinguishing water, sea water, condensate, hot water, brine, cleaning agents, waste water, brackish water, to name only a few.

Common applications for EDUR pumps are parts cleaning, water supply and disposal, surface cleaning, cooling and heating technology, machine tool supply, filtration and painting. For other applications and industries see below*

These examples are among the applications with which EDUR have gained profound experiences since the foundation of the company. Today our customers can choose from a large range of different models of torque-flow pumps which are optimised for fluid dynamics but always very sturdy. In addition to the basic features of long service life and reliability, EDUR pumps have also become synonymous with a high degree of energy efficiency. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, we use highly energy efficient motors. On the other hand, EDUR pumps use only as much power as absolutely required. For each EDUR pump is specifically adapted to the requirements of its future transport application.

Module booster pumps LBU 405 Emergency services systems for water supply
These customized applications of EDUR solutions offer our customers from the industry a high level of economic efficiency over the entire life cycle of the pump. They are also an economically ideal choice where purchase costs and running costs are concerned.

If you have any questions about your industrial pump application please contact one of our application consultants.

*Automotive, brewery technology, chemical plants, extrusion technology, filter plants, beverage industry, tempering plants, industrial cooling, boiler systems, food industry, metal cleaning, new energies, paper industry, reservoir systems, environmental technology, process engineering, sugar industry

Process engineering

The correct way to even greater energy savings
Modern process engineering in different industries provides a variety of applications for EDUR pump systems. In all cases it becomes evident that the issue of energy efficiency and the required optimum design of the pump system deserve great attention.

In addition to classic features such as efficiency, service life, materials and sealing systems adapted to medium and pressure, the application industry is showing increased interest in the energy efficiency of modern pump systems. And this is justified considering that the purchase price of a pump makes up only about 10% of the overall costs caused by the pump during its lifetime. The cost share for energy within the variable cost component is substantial.

Users who are focused on efficiency can already save a considerable amount of energy costs with energy optimized pumps. 30 % energy savings are not uncommon. Until now, it was usually the keywords highly efficient motors and frequency converters that were mentioned in this context. And both components were meant to be included in the overall concept and the calculation.

The greatest economical potential for savings results from optimized adjustment of the correct pump type, however, with ideal dimensioning for the application system at hand. This is where the task of the EDUR consulting engineers starts – with the analysis of the system environment.

For answers to energy optimization of your pump application please contact one of our product consultants here.

Incidentally, EDUR have great experience with transporting different media in process engineering industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for cleaning systems or filtration technology and for plants for the generation of green energy. Another application example is the careful transport of vegetables in the food industry. Transport is possible for difficult substances such as environmentally harmful, toxic media and those with a strong potential for odour nuisance, to name only a few.

Water and wastewater treatment

Efficiently transporting polluted water
EDUR pumps have been used preferentially in municipal and industrial water supply and water treatment for decades. Traditionally the reasons are the sturdiness and the long service life of our pumps and the special capability of some models for transporting liquid-gas mixtures.

Now EDUR pumps also stand for the ability to supply pump solutions which are individually adapted to the intended transport application. The result is convincing energy efficiency. For in line with this customizing concept, each EDUR pump only uses as much energy as absolutely required for its transport application. Naturally the highly efficient motors also contribute to the overall energy efficiency.

For transporting polluted water – e.g. with large particles – we offer a wide range of torque-flow pumps for our customers from the water supply and distribution sector. Or, to illustrate how energy efficient EDUR pumps are for transporting media containing air: Our multiphase pumps are e.g used in flotation plants worldwide in line with VDMA standard sheet 24430.

Typical applications in the water and wastewater industry are treatment of oil-water emulsions, grease skimming, phosphate precipitation, heavy metal precipitation and post-purification in organic purification plants.

For questions about a transport solution for your application please contact one of our product consultants.

Oil and gas

A variety of delivery solutions for oil and gas
Medium-specific solutions, equipped with oil and gas tested materials and components, dimensioned for each application. Our engineers have the task of finding an energy-efficient, safe and powerful EDUR solution for this.

On the one hand, EDUR pumps are used in wastewater treatment plants in oil extraction, oil sand extraction and in the downstream of the fracking process. On the other hand, suitable EDUR pump series with materials suitable for each application are available for transporting the actual refinery products  such as petrol, kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil and liquid gases. For the transport of LPG, for example, the suitable EDUR pumps are designed to be resistant to gas inclusions in the transported medium and to have low NPSH values.

The components such as motors, mechanical seals and magnetic couplings are adapted according to the requirements of this industry for each EDUR pump.

The innovative EDUR principle of application-specific pump designs is one of the essential reasons for our success in the oil and gas industry. Each EDUR pump solution fulfils exactly the task at hand and also precisely matches the industrial process of our customer with refard to delivery capacity and connection dimensions.

For questions about pump solutions in the oil and gas industry please contact on of our employees.

Ship technology

Reliability is what counts in the open sea
In shipbuilding, high standards of reliability as well as increasingly the energy efficiency of the systems are important prerequisites for the economical-technical overall evaluation in the technical procurement process.

Ships as self-sufficient systems are particularly dependent on the reliable functioning of all installed components, including the pumps. They fulfil many tasks on board which are vital for the operation of the vessel: Delivery of ballast water and wastewater, boiler supply, condensate recovery, drive engine cooling and of course the reliable supply of fire fighting systems.

Today there are more and more ships with an above-average demand for a high level of quality and performance of the components. Examples are modern submarines with fuel cell technology, large cruise liners with high safety standards such as the Oasis of the Seas, the MS Europa 2 and one of the most modern canal ships, the Futura Carrier. On all these ships, reliability, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility are so important that they use EDUR pumps.

Naturally the factor of cost efficiency is becoming increasingly important in shipbuilding. Designers calculate the sum of purchase costs and maintenance costs – i.e. mainly energy consumption – very precisely. From the perspective of this economic overall energy evaluation, EDUR pumps are among the best worldwide. The particularly energy-efficient motors with high efficiency are not the only reason. EDUR pumps are built to perfectly match the intended application – for shipbuilding as well. That means they do not use more energy than they actually require for their delivery task.

EDUR supply best possible delivery solutions for many pump applications in shipbuilding. Please ask one of our product consultants.