Solar energy, mostly preferred energy type, which is not harming environment and accepted as most developed technologies are submitted thousands of users service all over the world with Ezinç products.

Ezinç is a strong solar specialist company; bearing a name that has been equivalent with high quality, since its foundation in 1983. Ezinç is on of the major player in the world solar thermal market and also the leader company in Turkish solar market. Production facilities are located in Kayseri, Turkey with the facts and figures as follows:

-1.440.000 m2 solar collector production capacity in 3-shift performance.

-90.000 pcs. storage tanks production capacity in 3-shift performance.

-90 different type and model at solar collector and 80 different type and capacity hot water storage tank production.

-Total 26.000 m2 of production area.

When you install an Ezinç product you will benefit from 30 years experience as the solar specialist world wide. Thousands of Ezinç solar components are in operation over 95 countries worldwide which are providing continuous and abundant hot water.

We are proud of our state of the art manufacturing premises and skills of our production team which involve a wide range of activities including welding, enameling, testing and packaging.

Ezinç offers excellent solar systems providing the best performance from many comparative tests and developments. Ezinç is a reliable OEM solar collector manufacturer as well for companies looking for adding the best solar thermal solution to their product range with their own brand.

Ezinç, knowing importance of not only the equipments and technology but also human factor in qualified production.

Our customers highly appreciate the quality of our products and enjoy our excellent delivery service and realibility.


Ecologically, Economic since 29 years

During 29 years, Ezinç's first aim is to benefit from solar energy and using it to provide healthy hot water for everbody all over the world. Ezinç is using most economic and efficient technologies to produce systems for solar hot water production. As Ezinç is always conscious about ecology, always uses environmentally-friendly material for production.

Civil and industrial development, increment on consumption of petroleum based fuels, destroying forests, etc. are increasing carbon amount in the air, day by day. Concentration of carbon causes global warming which makes observed changes on climate. With Ezinç solar thermal products; emmission of CO2 and other harmful gases can be decreased, energy costs can be reduced. So, future will be better with Ezinç solar products for protecting ecological balance.

Not only for protecting environment, using solar thermal energy, you can minimize your energy consumption to heat up your water. An average house can save 100% of their energy cost for hot water production. If solar energy used to support heating systems, savings could be even greater.

Together with our collaborators and close relation with universities, test laboratories, governmental organization we create system solutions based on future technologies.

Every Ezinç product is coming with company warranty, experience and international approval You can relax and enjoy hot water from the sun with Ezinç.


Solar Water Heaters

*   Forced-Circulation Systems
*   Nanosol Systems
*   Thermosiphon Systems
*   Low Pressure Systems

Solar Collectors

*   Superline XBA Series
*   Superline UBB Series
*   Superline USB Series
*   Superline FSB Series


*   USB Series
*   FSB Series

Storage Tanks

*   G Series Single Coil
*   G Series Double Coil
*   A Series Accumulation
*   S Series Solar Box


*   Mounting Sets
*   Solar Pump Stations
*   Solar Controllers
*   Fittings
*   Solar Liquids

Large Scale Systems

*   Large Scale Systems


*   Seperators