Electric Pumps
The products range (about 856 among pumps and mixers) includes different models according to a variety of models,from 0,5 kW to 350 kW, 2-4-6-8-10-12 poles (50Hz and 60 Hz).

Submersible electric pumps, robust in construction, watertight electric motors accommodated in compartment, connected, by shafts of reduced lengths, to the impellers situated at the pump casing by the interposition of oil chamber between the hydraulic side and the electric motor. Asynchronous, threephase electric motors, squirrel cage type, IP 68 protection, class H insulation. They are designed for S1 (continuous) service.

The submersible electric pumps in stainless steel AISI 316 are mainly used for lifting aggressive and corrossive liquids. In particular for draining away waste waters originating from chemical industries and sea water.

The submersible electric pumps in marine bronze B10 or special alloys (on customers request) are mainly used to handle waste waters coming from marine fi eld installations (also ships market),alimentary (seafood) fi eld.
Faggiolati's mixers are projected for optimal mixing, homogenising and agitating operations in civil and industrial waste-water purification plants. The high performance ratings allow a considerable reduction in running costs. The non-clogging propeller profile, combined with an accurate projection, guarantees optimal running condictions with absolute reliability.

Thanks to their versatility, Faggiolati's mixers can be used in a wide range of applications. The combination of various construction materials, the stainless steel propellers and bouble silicon carbide mechanical seals allow the use of these mixers in highly corrosive conditions and at high temperatures. Typical applications for these types of mixer are: - homogenisation of heavy sludge or liquids with solid particles - Removal of sedymentary deposits. - to avoid ice formation.
Working Range

Submersible mixers, rugged in construction, watertight electric motors accomodated in compartment, connected, by shafts of reduced lenghts, to the impellers situated by the interposition of oil chamber between the hydraulic side and the electric motor.Asynchronous, threephase electric motors, squirrel cage type, IP 68 protection, class H insulation. They are designed for S1 (continous) service, with a max overloading up to 10% environmental cooling at temperature 40oC. Starts par hour up to 15. Motors cooling comes through thermic exchange with surrounding fluid.


Serie GM: motor housing Cast iron EN-GJL-250; propeller Stainless steel AISI 316; electric cable Neoprene H07RN/F; shaft Stainless steel AISI 420; o-rings Nitrile; bolts A2 class; mechanical seal Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide.

Serie XM: motor housing Stainless steel AISI 316; propeller Stainless steel AISI 316; electric cable Neoprene H07RN/F; shaft Stainless steel AISI 316L; o-rings Viton; bolts A4 class; mechanical seal Silicon Carbide / Carbide /Viton.

The OSSI-MIX (OM) system is a new development in the sludge aeration machines sector. The constructive architecture of the machine is one of the main innovations of the new OM system and is Patent protected. The System is based on the use of a special hydraulic system with a 3-channel centrifugal impeller, which works in a special 12-outlet diffuser. The outlet of the pump is thus spread among the 12 nozzles that deliver the sludge to be aerated into 12 individual mixing chambers. In these chambers the sludge is contacted with the air supplied by a compressor, the air-sludge contact occurs in an high turbulence annular conduit. The OM system delivers twelve jets of aerated mixture, thus producing high levels of dissolved oxygen and a vigorous mixing of the sludge. The OM system achieves better performances with respect to other aeration systems, as a consequence of its integrated operations.

The OM system has been designed for a long operational life which translates in low operating costs. All parts subject to wear can be replaced easily from the edge of the tank with the use of simple tools. The impeller has an exclusive fine tuning regulation system. In summary the OM system is constitutes therefore an excellent and unrivalled technical-economical combination for the aeration of sludge, reaching unparalleled results in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

High efficiency impeller obtained from casting of stainless steel Duplex (ASTM A890 gr.4AUNS 31803)

Arial Jet

AJ submerged aerators are an extremely flexible and versatile airing system for the treatment of waste-water and in every case air/water mixing is required . Elevated oxygen transfer values, low noise levels, increased reliability, low cost and rapidity of installation are just some of the advantages that our AJ submerged aerators offer.

These aerators are frequently used in waste water treatment plants, especially during homogenisation and equalisation, pre-airing stages, biological oxidation, oxidation-nitrfication, sludge stabilisation and post-airing stages. AJ radial submerged aerators can be utilised for the flotation of greases, oils and solids, at the relevant stages of flotation. This clearly means that they can be utilised during neutralization stages or in airing with high levels of oxigen. Re-circulation of the mixed air and water in the tank is carried out by two different movements: the principal or primary movement (Mp) and the induced one.

Ossi Jet

The Ossi-jet system offers an excellent alternative for aeration and mixing of any civil or industrial liquid. In order to satisfy any type of requirement, it is possible to couple various pumps to various ejectors. Ossi-jet is particularly recommended for biological waste-water treatment plants, chemical waste treatment plants and fish farming.

The different type of impellers and ejectors offered by the Ossi-jet system optimise the following processes:
-CO2 neutralisation;
-Ozonisation / mixing;
-Foam reduction.

Special Executions

Special Executions

One of the main characteristics of FAGGIOLATI PUMPS is the high flexible production, that allows the realization of customised machines made according to customer’s requirements. Nearby the standard production – our General Catalogue boasts more than 200 standard products – we realize special machines to meet the particular requirements of customers regarding hydraulic, metallurgy and power supply.