Itho Daalderop EXPORT
Itho Daalderop is your single choice provider for complete indoor climate systems. We design and manufacture everything you need to create a healthy, comfortable, cost effective and sustainable climate in both the new build and renovation of houses.
Our range of products comprises of unique solutions for ventilation and heat recovery, domestic hot water and heating (including solar thermal systems), ground source heating and cooling systems. In addition we also produce Shower Heat Recovery units and a patented wall hung Air to Water heat pump solution that is combined with a gas boiler. All of these products meet or exceed the most stringent requirements. So, no matter what level of energy efficiency you are aiming for, you will find a fully integrated solution at Itho Daalderop.
Ventilation Heating Kitchen comfort Hybrid/heat pump
Reduces both the cost and environmental impact of generating heat Reduces both the cost and environmental impact of generating heat Enjoy your own kitchen, every day Heat pump performance beyond the conventional
Air. We breathe it without thinking. Keeping it that way in the modern, airtight home calls for class-leading ventilation performance – which you’ll find in every product in the Itho range. Whether you need continuous mechanical extract (CVE), mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) or a fully automatic ventilation system (DemandFlow) requiring no user effort, Itho has a solution for every code level – and every budget. There’s also Itho’s leading Advance – so efficient it led to the creation of a new SAP Appendix Q category – and Itho’s unique range of HR cooker hoods.
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Ventilation with heat recovery Ventilation without heat recovery
Removes contaminated, wet air and provides fresh, pre-heated air Provides health benefits and energy efficiency advantages over intermittent fans
Generating heat can be expensive. Letting it slip away can be all too easy. Itho’s heating systems tackle both problems and make warmth work harder. Every product in the Itho space and water heating range has been designed to reduce both the cost and environmental impact of generating heat. By combining traditional power sources with energy provided by the sun and the earth, we have created one of the most ranges of heating systems available to today’s housebuilder. Our programme consists of condensing boilers, electrical boilers, boilers for kitchen cupboards and shower waste water heat recovery.
Base Cube
The new standard in condensing combination boilers
Hot Water
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Close-in Boiler Close-up Boiler Close-in Compact Elekroboilers
Instant Hot Water Instant hot water from above the tap Instant boiling, hot and cold water in your kitchen Condensing boiler
Hybrid/Heat Pumps
HP Cool Cube Water to water heat pump Shower heat recovery
Water to Air heat pump Water to Water heat pump Shower heat recovery
Heat pump performance beyond the conventional Bringing the earth’s heat and coolness into the home Saving energy by making hot water last longer